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Dying to Tell You

When a sister is faced with coming to grips about her dying brother’s circumstances. Not only is she confronted about accepting the reality of his love life but she must also face the truth about herself as well as her brothers final wishes. Watch Now.

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Submit your Indie Music

Independent music

Did you know that with the C.E.P.TV network when you submit you get IMMEDIATE distribution? CEPTV can be your non exclusive or exclusive home to share your accomplishments within the world on a platform that focuses on you and your artistic perspective.

CEPTV constantly promotes and represents your music at all events, festivals and especially online directing people to their genres of choice with the ability to connect and work with you as an artist or find out who they can network with to find the creative artists who contributed to the final music product.

To send your music to CEPTV click the submit your content link at the top of the page to gain access to thousands who are looking to hear your creative sound or possibly work with you!

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The next African American food revolution has arrived

Social media sites are now at the forefront of the new way to show off one’s culinary skills. Trained and certified chefs, as well as those not formally trained have come up with some very creative ways to “tell their story” by serving their fans some extraordinary ideas via family recipes or coming up with creative menus that allow them to enjoy food while becoming more healthy.

Share your culinary knowledge with the CEPTV network for a chance to be at the forefront with your own, or someone you may know, own food channels. No auditions necessary, just click the link above to submit your content, or comment on this thread.

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